International Agency
Agnesstr. 47
80798 Munich Germany

phone: +49 (89) 12 23 510
fax: +49 (89) 12 00 18 18

Agentur Carola Studlar is a single-owner company.
VAT-ID DE130586147

Carola Studlar, international agency for films, TV, theatre, located at Agnesstrasse 47, 80798 Munich, Germany, is a content supplier pursuant to Section 6 paragraph 1 of the State Treaty on Media Services ("Mediendienste-Staatsvertrag") and as such is responsible under applicable laws for its "own contents" provided to third parties for use on this website. Any links to contents provided by other suppliers must be distinguished from such "contents of its own". Agency Carola Studlar makes "third-party contents" available for use which are marked as such. However, links are "living" dynamic references. When establishing a link for the first time, Agency Studlar has checked such third-party contents for whether they may trigger any liability of the Agency under civil or criminal law. However, the Agency cannot check the contents to which it refers in its site on a permanent basis for any liability that could have arisen since such first checking. In the event that Agency Studlar becomes aware of any civil or criminal liability arisen to it as a result of any actual offer to which a link was established, it will cancel any reference to such offer.

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